The Jefferson County Democrats will hold 3 upcoming training classes to teach fellow Democrats the importance of registering and updating a many voters as possible in the county. The classes will present information on how each of us play a role in registering and updating voter information. There will also be discussion on tools and techniques we can use on registering voters during COVID.

To register, please see the information below.

In an effort to simplify where a voter can register, the Colorado Democratic Party has developed a QR Code accessible by holding the camera on your mobile device. By holding your camera up to the code, your phone will automatically go to the Colorado Secretary of States’ to register to vote. Please share this QR code as a means to simplify and bring in new voters and those that need to update their registrations.  

Learn about our initiative to update voter registrations to make sure every eligible voter in Jefferson County is correctly registered to vote.  We are organizing a multi-pronged approach including usage of a QR code, phones, socially distanced in-person and research for the introverts.

  Please RSVP at