About HD29 Democrats


COHD29.com was created to help the many Democrats of Colorado’s House District 29 find information, amplify events, and share experiences. The site serves to establish a digital presence, being one of the first of its kind for a House District in Jefferson County.

Please share the site with your community. Use it as a tool to advise fellow Democrats of the need to be civically engaged. When you are knocking doors or calling neighbors, organizing your community, or speaking to friends about events and politics, mention the site as a tool for them to find what they need. Our goal is to bring more Democrats together at a time when many new people are coming into our Party and want to become active.

In using this site, as well as our companion Facebook Page: CO House District 29 Democrats, we hope to have everything you’ll need for information, as well as a place to share experiences.

It is because of people like you; Activists, Leaders, Community Organizers, Supporters, and Voters, and many others that we are able to present our strong Democratic message. Thank you all for your participation and civic mindedness in fighting for our cause.

Our Jefferson Democratic Party Location

Jefferson County Democratic Party Headquarters

8725 W. 14th Ave. Ste # 130

Lakewood, CO 80215

HD 29 Map

Our House District encompasses a large area of Westminster, as well as the northern end of Arvada.

The district boundaries are:

  • North to 120th Ave.
  • Northwest to Rocky Mountain Airport and 112th Ave.
  • West to Broomfield County, Standley Lake and Indiana St.
  • Southwest to Pomona Dr and Wadsworth Blvd.
  • South to Arvada, Wadsworth Blvd. and I-70.
  • East to Sheridan Blvd.


A full precinct map can be found at this link:

Updated voter registration information for Colorado and Jefferson County can be found here: http://www.sos.state.co.us/pubs/elections/VoterRegNumbers/VoterRegNumbers.html

Democratic Party National Leadership


Colorado Democratic Party Officers and Leadership