14 Sep

The Jefferson County Democrats Need You! Sign Up to Volunteer for Wins in the 2020 General Election

The most important election of our lives is take place this year.

How will you say you did your part?

The Jefferson County Democratic Party is in need of phone bankers, literature drop canvassers, fundraisers, and other needs for the 2020 election.

To sign up for any of the these opportunities as a volunteer, please see the Volunteer Sign Up Tab in the link below.

Volunteer Opportunities!

Phone banking:  Phone banking will get underway September 25, but sign up now so we can get you set up and trained.  You can either use your computer or we can get you a paper list.

Distributing literature (Lit dropping):  Lit dropping is going to start on September 11.  We want to get you signed up and get you a list of Democrats in your neighborhood ahead of time.  You can use an app on your smart phone to find the houses, or you can use a paper list.  Training begins September 5.

Yard signs:  We are working to coordinate yard sign distribution throughout the county.

QR code for SOS website

Scan with smart phone camera to go to Secretary of State website.

Voter Needs and Registration:  We want all eligible voters to be registered with correct up-to-date information.  Is yours?  You can check your registration or update / register to vote with the Secretary of State at  If you wish to assist your neighbors in voting setup, check our calendar for Zoom VNR training.  If you have questions about voter registration, call our friends at the Jefferson County Elections Division at 303-271-8111.

Drivers:  We will need people to pick up and deliver materials from volunteers to hubs and hubs to volunteers, all at a social distance.  After the ballots are mailed to voters, some voters may need assistance in getting their ballots to official ballot boxes.  If you are interested in delivering up to 10 ballots from a voter to a drop-off box, we are creating a list of ballot chasers now.

Artists:  We are making banners for our candidates.  We need materials including white bed sheets and paints as well as free labor.

Fundraising:  While the pandemic has seriously impaired our fundraising efforts and activities, it has not at all reduced our expenses. In fact, it has increased our expenses – we have had to purchase Zoom licenses in order to host our meetings.  So please help us out if you can at DONATE HERE or mail a check.   You can be a super-hero by making a monthly contributor through our VIP Program

Fun-Raising:  If you love a good party and love party-planning, you can put your talents to good use in helping us plan and organize events.

Web:  Help us develop content and upgrade our website using your talents!


While these are our primary volunteer activities at this time, there is other help we need.  Please email if you would like to volunteer in any way.  Also reach out to your House District Chair or Captain.  We also encourage you to reach out to any of our candidates to help them win their races.

Thank you so much.



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09 Aug

Jefferson County Democrats Push Forward To Register & Update Every Voter In Our County

The Jefferson County Democrats will hold 3 upcoming training classes to teach fellow Democrats the importance of registering and updating a many voters as possible in the county. The classes will present information on how each of us play a role in registering and updating voter information. There will also be discussion on tools and techniques we can use on registering voters during COVID.

To register, please see the information below.

In an effort to simplify where a voter can register, the Colorado Democratic Party has developed a QR Code accessible by holding the camera on your mobile device. By holding your camera up to the code, your phone will automatically go to the Colorado Secretary of States’ to register to vote. Please share this QR code as a means to simplify and bring in new voters and those that need to update their registrations.  

Learn about our initiative to update voter registrations to make sure every eligible voter in Jefferson County is correctly registered to vote.  We are organizing a multi-pronged approach including usage of a QR code, phones, socially distanced in-person and research for the introverts.

  Please RSVP at


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17 Jul

Donate to HD29- New Tab To Donate Through ActBlue Launches Today!

As House District 29 moves forward into the most important election of our lives this year, funding our activities for outreach as well as promoting our candidates has a need that is stronger then ever before.

We have developed a new Actblue link for donations made through our website. Donating will provide funds for events, as well as candidate assistance.

Donating is as easy as a mouse click, and can be done from the homepage of our website. Look for the red, “Donate To HD29″ tab at the top of our website home page:

Once there, further instructions on how to donate are provided through Actblue:

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17 Jul

The Democratic National Convention Is Set For August 17-20

After postponing the Democratic National Convention from its original July timeframe, the Democratic National Committee has announced August 17-20 as the new date of the Convention.  With aspects of the Convention centered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, (as originally scheduled), most business will be conducted online and with very limited gathering in Milwaukee.

Follow announcements and coverage of the event on the official website:

For complete coverage of the event, please tune in on all major news channels, (cable and network television), as well  various channels and sources online.

Per the website, the following announcement regarding proceedings of the Convention was published June 24, 2020:

This August, the Democratic Party will formally nominate the next president and vice president of the United States at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, anchored in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The convention is an opportunity to show the American people what we stand for as a party and unite around our shared values. In addition to fulfilling their nominating duties, Democratic Party members from across the country will also work together during the convention to adopt the official 2020 Democratic Party platform.

Anchored in Milwaukee, 2020 Democratic National Convention will be a “Convention Across America”

Convention will engage and unite more Americans than ever before

Delegates will conduct official party business without risking public health

MILWAUKEE—The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) announced today their convention plan to broadcast from Milwaukee and across the nation, in a convention geared to reach out to all Americans. The DNCC reiterated the Democratic Party’s commitment to holding a convention that would protect public health while transforming the convention experience for delegates and viewers. Convention planners said that host city Milwaukee would anchor the events for the week, and that programming would include both live broadcasts and curated content from Milwaukee and other satellite cities, locations and landmarks across the country.

“Vice President Biden intends to proudly accept his party’s nomination in Milwaukee and take the next step forward towards making Donald Trump a one-term president,” said Jen O’Malley Dillon, Campaign Manager, Biden for President. “The city of Milwaukee has been an incredible partner and we are committed to highlighting Wisconsin as a key battleground state at our convention this August. This will be a convention for all Americans who wish to join our mission to win the battle for the soul of this nation and build a fairer, more united country for us all.”

Convention planners are also developing new ways to organize and engage online with more voters than ever before during this critical election year. Later this week, convention organizers will launch the first of a series of engagement campaigns that will allow Americans across the country to share their ideas and add their voice to convention programming.

Anchored every night in Milwaukee, the Democratic National Convention will include four nights of programming from August 17-20, 2020. The overall production of the convention’s program—including the satellite broadcasts—will be led by nine-time Emmy-award winning producer Ricky Kirshner. Kirshner has served as the Executive Producer of the Tony Awards since 2004, the Super Bowl Halftime Show—the most-watched television event of the year—since 2007, and has worked on every Democratic National Convention since 1992.

At the convention, Democrats will officially nominate Vice President Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for president. Through multiple formats and mediums, it will also celebrate the promise of America by featuring the people and their stories that represent the strength and collective humanity of our nation and demonstrate that Vice President Biden is the leader the country needs right now—with the experience, steady hand, and compassion to lead us out of the crisis of the last four years, and strengthen our nation for all Americans.

“Leadership means being able to adapt to any situation,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “That’s exactly what we’ve done with our convention. Unlike this president, Joe Biden and Democrats are committed to protecting the health and safety of the American people. I couldn’t be prouder of the way our team has organized and mobilized to get out the vote and ensure a successful convention anchored in Wisconsin, and I’m grateful for the extraordinary leadership of our partners in the city of Milwaukee. Donald Trump’s days in the Oval Office are numbered.”

Additional updates unveiled by the Democratic National Convention Committee today include:

  • Conducting official business without risking public health—After consulting with public health officials about the COVID-19 pandemic, convention organizers are announcing today that they have determined state delegations should not plan to travel to Milwaukee and should plan to conduct their official convention business remotely. A process is being developed to ensure all delegates can cast their votes on all convention matters, including the presidential nomination, remotely during the convention. DNC standing committee meetings will take place virtually as well, with the meetings tentatively set for the last week of July.
  • Announcing our Convention Chair—U.S. Representative Bennie Thompson will serve as Permanent Chair of the 2020 Democratic National Convention. The Convention Chair presides over all official convention business.
  • Developing robust health protocols—In addition to continued collaboration with local, state, and federal public health officials, the DNCC is bringing on nationally-renowned epidemiologists and infectious disease experts Dr. W. Ian Lipkin and Dr. Larry Brilliant, who will help advise on efforts to protect the health and safety of convention staff, attendees, and the people of Wisconsin. Dr. Lipkin, Director of the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University, is an expert in diagnostic testing and collaborated with the WHO on coronavirus outbreak control for SARS, MERS, and COVID-19. Dr. Brilliant, a former professor of epidemiology, is best known for his work on the successful eradication of smallpox.
  • Updating the convention campus—With fewer people gathering in person at this year’s event, convention planners are modifying the convention campus. All convention proceedings will move from Fiserv Forum to the Wisconsin Center, the convention center located in downtown Milwaukee. Specifics regarding delegation representation on the convention floor will be provided after public health officials complete their assessment of the trajectory and impact of the coronavirus pandemic and determine how many people can safely gather in person later this summer.
  • Eliminating official auxiliary events—Previous conventions have included several large-scale events attended by thousands of people, such as a welcome reception for media and delegates as well as an event for volunteers. In keeping with the commitment to deliver a convention that poses no unnecessary risk to public health, convention organizers will no longer proceed with hosting these in-person parties.

“Everything is on the line this November, which is why we must find creative and forward-looking ways to organize, mobilize, and unite our party around our shared values at the convention so that we can launch Joe Biden to victory this fall,” said Joe Solmonese, CEO of the Democratic National Convention.

As convention planners continue to monitor the coronavirus health crisis and its impact across the nation, they will continue to examine all options for the success of the convention that ensure the safety of any participants and the host city. More details will be made publicly available as the convention’s plans are further finalized.

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03 May

House District 29 Monthly Meetings: Join Us Online On August 13th

Amidst the current challenges of not being able to meet in person due to COVID-19, our House District is happy to announce we will be continuing our monthly meetings going forward using Zoom!
As we have all been dealing with staying at home and a changes in our way of life, the meeting will be a means for our HD29 community to  say hello, see familiar faces, and welcome in new friends:
A message from Tom Jurgens, our Chair, regarding the meeting:
HD 29ers!
Our August monthly Zoom meeting will be held on Thursday, August 13th, starting at 6:30pm.
We will continue our conversation with our Precinct Organizers, Captains and Officers to discuss ways to increase participation in each precinct and support candidates. We want also want to increase our efficacy with social media communications. Check our website, for agenda updates on this event.
For credentials to log into Zoom, please contact Tom Jurgens or your Precinct Captains for details.

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