HD29 2020 Candidates

Update: March 25, 2020

The Jefferson County Democratic Party Assembly packets have been mailed to each delegate. 

Current House District 29 Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp is term limited. As we seek to keep this seat in Democratic Party control, several candidates have expressed their intent to run. County assembly delegates of House District 29 will vote to decide on which candidates will make the June 2020 ballot.

As coronavirus has limited gatherings, forums, and campaign events, below is brief description of each candidate who is running to be our next house district representative. As you review the information below, we encourage you to reach out to the candidates through their website, email, or by phone.

** Attention Delegates: If you haven’t received your ballot by Monday, March 30, email Office@JeffcoDems.Org right away. Tuesday, March 31 is the last day to mail back your ballot. Your ballot must be RECEIVED by April 4. Please open your ballot, fill it out and mail it back in the self-addressed, stamped envelope. **

House District 29 2020 Candidates

Lindsey Daugherty

Lindsey has always had a passion for activism and social justice. At just eight years old, she fought to include girls in the all-boys recess soccer game. While in college, she canvassed door-to-door to promote voter registration. Today, she is an attorney specializing in juvenile and family law.
Lindsey grew up in Loveland, playing soccer for the local league. While a high school student, she led local service projects through the National Honors Society, and ran track and played basketball on the varsity teams. Growing up, Loveland was still a small community, and Lindsey came to appreciate how common values and goals shape an individual, and our societies.For college, Lindsey attended the University of Northern Iowa on a soccer scholarship, and then the University of Denver for law school. During this time, she interned for former Congressman Bruce Braley in the House of Representatives, former Senator Tom Harkin on the Health, Education, Labor, and Pension Committee investigating for-profit colleges, and clerked for the White House Domestic Policy under the Obama Administration in Washington, DC.
After passing the Colorado bar exam, Lindsey started her own law firm where she is able to amplify the voices of those in need on a daily basis. She also volunteers at free legal nights for the underserved, and is a member of the Colorado Bar Association, Colorado Women’s Bar Association, American Association of Justice, and the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association.
On the weekends, you can find Lindsey biking the trails in Arvada or hanging out at the Old Towne farmer’s market. Lindsey values the sense of community in this district, and she is committed to protecting that. She believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to participate in the decisions affecting us all, and will work to give everyone the ability to thrive.
For more information, please visit Lindsey’s website : www.LindseyforColorado.com



Amber Hott

(My pronouns are They/Them/Theirs.)
I grew up in a military family. I was born in Massachusetts, moved to Louisiana, Hawaii, California, Nevada, Illinois, Wisconsin, and then settled down in Colorado 22 years ago. My upbringing taught me the importance of service to others, even when it meant my step-dad had to leave us to fight in Desert Storm. I grew up surrounded in a community that dedicated their life to service for our country and this left an impression. My mother has also been another great example of service. She is a licensed minister that plays the harp for the actively dying. My first campaign experience was at 10 years old. A gentleman running for the Nevada State Assembly canvassed our home. My dad not only talked to him, but he also got a yard sign and signed up to volunteer on the spot. My dad canvassed and worked on his campaign after work, bringing me along with him, teaching me the importance of civic duty and getting involved in a cause you believe in.
I began my service in the second grade as a Girl Scout. We had many opportunities for service, from singing to people in the hospital to cleaning up litter from our local parks. As a teenager, I volunteered at my local church. This led to service in many other areas including volunteering at the Adams County Animal Shelter in 2010, producing two comedy fundraisers for American Legion Post 23 in 2012 where I was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation, and I have an ongoing volunteer relationship with The African Community Center of Denver. I have also volunteered for, The Action Center in Jefferson County, Habitat for Humanity, Project Angel Heart, and Denver Rescue Mission.
When President Trump was elected I knew I needed to do something. I was attending Red Rocks Community College at the time. I began by working in the LGBT Resource Center. After taking a civil rights class I was inspired to co-found and was the President of The Southern Poverty Law Center Club on campus. I chose this organization because they fight and advocate for all underrepresented groups including women, people of color, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ people. That led me to student government where I worked with budgets and fought back against raising student fees.
I graduated from Red Rocks Community College in 2018 and am on track to graduate with my Bachelor’s in Clinical Psychology from Regis University in 2020. I chose this field so I would have the education to champion mental health, especially for our children.
I canvassed for President Obama in 2008, filled out postcards for Adams County Commissioner Emma Pinter in her Westminster City Council campaign in 2013 and her County Commissioner race in 2018, and was hired on as a field organizer for Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp in 2018. This led me to work in the Colorado State Capitol under Senator Rachel Zenzinger in 2019 where I learned how important it is that we elect effective leaders that look out for the middle and working class and was ultimately inspired to run for office.
I have dedicated my life to service because that’s how I was raised. It hasn’t always been easy. I had my first child when I was 15 years old, was married at 17, and had two more children by the time I was 21. Nine years ago I was hungry and homeless, and seven years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. These experiences only make me a better candidate because I personally understand some of the hardest situations people in our community face.
I have a history of fighting for our community. Help me fight for us on a larger scale by electing me for State Representative of HD29. Vote for me in the primary on June 30th, 2020 and please donate. Every dollar raised increases my chances of winning this race.
For more information, please visit Amber’s website:  http://hottforcolorado.com/


Victoria Lopez

I am Victoria Lopez and I am running for House District 29 because I believe I can truly represent our district.
I grew up in Arvada, having graduated from Pomona High School.  After college at the University of Colorado, Boulder, I worked in the health care industry. I was the Marketing Director for Reaction Analytics prior to announcing my candidacy.
As a lifelong Democrat I have worked tirelessly to elect many candidates in House District 29. I have worked beside many of you as a Precinct Committee Person, Captain and House District Chair.
In 2018 we successfully elected Tracy Kraft-Tharp to her fourth and final term. Democrats won the offices of Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State and the majority of state Senate and state House for the first time since 1938. Your commitment to electing active Democrats shows the dedication you have to the House District. We must keep House District 29 a blue district.  I have been endorsed by Attorney General Phil Weiser, Senator Robert Rodriguez, Representative Monica Duran, Jefferson County Commissioner Casey Tighe, and Westminster City Councilor Kathryn Skulley. I want to earn your vote. Please reach out to me 720-661-5273. I would love the opportunity to work with you.
For more information, please visit Victoria’s website:


Karen Kalavity