The Main Issues

Politics is an evolving subject. What is said and what is done changes from day to day. Bills are passed, national and world events occur, and history is made.

To be informed is to have knowledge of the everyday political change as well history on the subjects. Issues such as The Affordable Care Act have become a catalyst for national protest and demands at Town Halls by angry constituents. Immigration issues, stemming from President Trumps’ Executive Orders, have caused court cases pertaining to State Rights, as well as massive protests.                                                                                  

The Main Issues Page is to serve as a knowledge base for anyone seeking to learn more about current issues. The links on the page will continuously update, as the page is meant to keep up with the daily changes of the political environment. This is also a page for your input. Many of us are involved in activist causes, as well as working within the Democratic Party. What are your experiences? How are you planning to manifest your beliefs by working on a campaign for a candidate you believe in, or a ballot initiative you want passed? How do we counter the current GOP policies and defend our Democratic Values? There are many questions we can help each other answer, by sharing experiences and knowledge to the subject. Click on the links below to find information about the issues of the day.

Local Government Issues

THE IMPORTANCE OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT & LOCAL ELECTIONS By Sandy Reavey   Local governments, aka cities and counties, provide many basic and important services to our homes and businesses. Many of the more important officials within local governments are elected by us, yet many voters skip voting in mid-term elections and/or don’t vote their entire ballots in Presidential election years.  Most local elections are non-partisan which means the candidate’s party affiliation is not publicized.  Therefore, voters need to critically examine candidate’s positions or past voting records to determine the best qualified person for whom to vote.  Let’s examine the importance...

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The 2016 Democratic Party National Platform

THE 2016 DEMOCRATIC PLATFORM Please click this link to read the the full Platform Introduction:  Every four years, the Democratic Party puts together our party platform, the ideas and beliefs that govern our party as a whole. What follows is our 2016 platform — our most progressive platform in our party’s history and a declaration of how we plan to move America forward. Democrats believe that cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division, empowerment is better than resentment, and bridges are better than walls. It’s a simple but powerful idea: We are stronger together. CONTENTS Choose...

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The 2016 Republican Party National Platform

Read the Entire Platform at this link: Preamble  With this platform, we the Republican Party reaffirm the principles that unite us in a common purpose. We believe in American exceptionalism. We believe the United States of America is unlike any other nation on earth. We believe America is exceptional because of our historic role — first as refuge, then as defender, and now as exemplar of liberty for the world to see. We affirm — as did the Declaration of Independence: that all are created equal, endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit...

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