Jefferson County Democratic Party Assembly Delegate Information

Welcome House District 29 Delegates!  

Thank you for choosing to become a Delegate for the Jefferson County Democratic Party Assembly.

UPDATE: March 16th, 2020

Jefferson County Democratic Party 2020 Mail-in Assembly and Convention

The process for all voting that would normally take place at County Assembly and Convention will take place via mailed
ballots. This includes:

  • County Candidates
  • State Senate Candidates
  • State House Candidates

Preference Polls for:

  • Congressional District Candidates (highest contested race)
  • U.S. Senate by County for State Delegation

Election of Delegates to:

  • State Assembly (by Senate Preference)
  • State Convention (by Presidential Preference)
  • Congressional District Assembly (by Preference in Highest Contested Race)
  • Congressional District Convention (by Presidential Preference)

Delegates to County Assembly and Convention will indicate their intention to run for Delegate to Congressional or State Assemblies and Conventions via Google Form by 3/18. Those names will be printed on ballots. There will also be spaces
on the ballots for people to cast a write in vote. Delegates who wish to vote for Delegates to subsequent meetings will request a ballot of those wishing to be Delegates to either Congressional or State Assembly and Convention. This request will be made via a Google Form and will include which candidate preference they want a ballot for.

Beginning March 24th, ballot packages will be mailed to all Delegates. The package will include:

  • Instructions
  • Credentials Report
  • Permanent Organization Report
  • Resolutions report

A Ballot with all races the Delegate is eligible to vote in:

  • U.S. Senate
  • Congressional District (Highest Contested Race)
  • County
  • State Senate
  • State House
  • An up or down vote on the Credentials Report
  • An up or down vote on the Permanent Organization Report
  • An up or down vote on the Resolutions Report
  • An up or down vote on whether or not the vacancy committee will be the central committee
  • Ballots for any race for Delegates that have been requested

Ballots will be pre-printed on colored paper. Ballots will contain pre-printed identifying information on one side and areas to vote on the other side. All ballots must be signed. Identifying information:

  • Full Name
  • Van ID
  • Address
  • Place for signature
  • Place to indicate a proxy

Ballots will be mailed out by March 24 th and must be RECEIVED by April 4. A return envelope with a stamp will be included when the ballots are mailed out. Delegates can mail back their ballots or return them to the Jeffco Dems office during regular business hours. There will be no restrictions on people returning ballots for other people. As ballots are received, the date of receipt will be entered on a log which will be available on the website. Delegates who do not believe their ballot has been received when it should have been, do not receive a ballot, or who otherwise lose or destroy their ballots, may come to the office to fill out a provisional ballot.

Under the most extreme of circumstances, if a delegate requires a Provisional ballot, but is unable to come to the office, arrangements will be made to bring the Provisional ballot to them. Provisional ballots will be on a different color paper. If both a mail in ballot and provisional ballot are received, the mail in ballot will be counted and the provisional ballot will not.
Counting of the ballots will not occur until April 5. Each candidate may have ONE observer to oversee ballot counting.
Volunteers will be used for counting. No volunteer may count ballots for any race they are also eligible to vote in.
(Note, for County Wide races, we will need ballot counters who are not delegates or who reside outside the county.
Every effort will be made to ensure that counters have no interest in the races they count ballots for. No candidate may
count ballots for any race.)

Nominations, seconds and acceptance will all be in writing. These must be received by March 20 th or the candidates
name will not be placed on the ballot. At least one of the nominators must be a member of the assembly. These
written documents will not be posted but will be kept by the party as a record.

Contested Races:
Candidates in contested races may submit a video of no more than five minutes by March 24. These videos will be
posted on March 25 to the JCDP website.

Proxies may still be submitted. The proxy MUST be assigned to a registered Democrat residing in the same House
District as the Delegate assigning the Proxy. The signed proxy will need to be included with the mailed back ballot. The
person carrying the proxy will vote the ballot and sign the ballot. No person can carry more than 5 proxies.
Delegate ballot voting

Those who have requested a ballot to vote for delegates, may vote for up to 25 delegates without regard to gender. If
there are more people wishing to be delegates than the slots available for the candidate of their preference, the ballots
will be counted, otherwise, as long as each delegate candidate gets at least one vote, the will be considered elected.

What Happens at the County Assembly and Convention

  • Nomination of candidates to the Primary Ballot
  • Preference polls for State and Congressional Assemblies and Conventions
  • Election of Delegates to State and Congressional Assemblies and Convention
  •  Adoption of resolutions

Nomination of candidates to the Primary Ballot:

The legal process that determines who will appear on the Primary Ballot and, ultimately, the General
Election ballot, begins at County Assembly. Candidates for County wide races, as well as all State House
Districts and State Senate Districts (those that occur during the current year) are all nominated at the
County Assembly. Your ballot will allow you to vote on all County, State House and State Senate
districts where you reside. This is the last vote you will take on these races until the Primary on June 30,

If any of these races is contested (more than one person is running for the Democratic ballot),
candidates must receive at least 30% of the votes at assembly in order to automatically be placed on the
ballot. This only applies to HD22 and HD29 this year. Candidates in these house districts will be allowed
to submit a video that will be placed on the website so you can view it before deciding how to cast your

Preference Polls for State and Congressional Assemblies and Conventions

Preference Polls at Assembly and Convention work very similarly to the way they work at Caucus. First,
we must determine the preference of all the delegates. Once that vote is taken, we can determine the
percentages for the delegates that will be elected to the State and Congressional Assemblies. Then we
conduct an election of delegates, just like we did at caucus. Unlike at Caucus, we will also be electing
delegates to the Conventions which is based on a Presidential preference. We do not conduct a
Preference Poll for President. The percentages of delegates for President was determined by the
Primary. Convention delegates (based on Presidential preference) will elect delegates to the National
Convention at both the Congressional and State Convention.

Since we are doing this by mail, we need to know ahead of time the people who want to be delegates to
the Congressional and State Assemblies and Conventions. That way, we can create ballots for delegates
that will go out along with the rest of the ballots in the mail. Each delegate ballot is separated by
preference, just like at Caucus when we elected delegates based on our preference. This is why we
need to know ahead of time who your preference is so you can be placed on the correct ballot. Let us
know by filling out the Delegate Intention Form.  Whether or not you are running to be a delegate,
you probably want to vote on who the delegates are. We want all the delegates to vote on the
delegates who will move forward. However, we need to know which ballots to send you. This means
we need to know ahead of time what your preference is for the assemblies and conventions that will
follow. This is why we need you to fill out the Request for Delegate Ballot.

Adoption of Resolutions

The resolutions that were voted on at Caucus are being reviewed by the Resolutions Committee. They
will determine how much support each resolution has received through the Caucus. They will then
create a report to submit to the Assembly. Normally, there would be an opportunity to discuss this
report at the Assembly. That is not possible to do by mail. Instead, the report will be printed and
enclosed the ballot that is mailed to you. You will have a place on your ballot to vote yes or no on the
entire report.